Volume 7, Number 3

The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Autumn) is described as a general issue. Issues so described are designed to offer the reader material that is relevant to any aspect of the broad range of activity that forms part of the life of the academy today. The issue offers insights into challenges facing colleagues in responding to changes, some welcome, some not necessarily so, that impact on teaching and student learning in contemporary higher education. The matters under consideration in this issue include those that could be characterised as at a macro level, with a focus both on the institutional and the course level, in an international context, and those that focus more specifically on research and practice assessing teacher interventions to support student learning. The issue represents voices from across the higher education sector, and addresses some of the key challenges facing students and teachers including academic writing, skills modules and the effective use of e-learning. There is a welcome focus on student learning and on dynamic teaching across the issue.

View the issue here.

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